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The Goddess Glam Lounge is an exclusive event during the Notting Hill Carnival that provides a top-tier experience for its VIP guests. It was created by a masquerader who understands the needs of fellow masqueraders and aims to make their Carnival morning a stress-free transition onto the road.

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Discover the epitome of glamour and sophistication with our premium makeup artist team. Imbued with an exquisite blend of artistry and precision, our talented professionals craft an unparalleled experience, transforming faces into canvases of sheer elegance. Committed to accentuating individual beauty, our team brings forth a symphony of creativity and skill, catering to every client's unique desires.

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Meet Kervyn, an internationally recognized body painter boasting a portfolio of captivating published works that have garnered acclaim worldwide. Renowned for his exceptional talent and expertise, Kervyn is the sought-after artist known for delivering unparalleled, high-quality service to every client.

Experience his exclusive airbrush body bronzing technique, a signature offering available solely at the Goddess Glam Lounge 2024. Elevate your beauty journey with Kervyn's distinctive artistry, where each stroke embodies creativity and precision, delivering a glamorous and unforgettable transformation.

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