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What time are the makeup time slots?

Time slots are 1 hour & 15mins between

5:00 AM - 12:15 PM subject to availability.

What is the procedure to get the body bronzed?

A private body bronzing station is located inside the lounge.

You have the option of being airbrushed in the nude, in disposable underwear (provided), or with your costume on but please note that being in the nude guarantees the best results for full coverage application.

Clients are respected and are made to feel comfortable regardless of what option they choose, assistance is also provided.

How do I prep my skin to be body bronzed?

For the best results, please arrive with dry skin, if you must have moisturised skin please avoid putting any oil or cream on your skin at least 8 hours before your appointment.

Please remove any body hair in advance if you don't want specific areas to be emphasised by the bronzing.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Makeup Service & Body Bronzing Service

Bookings cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the service

We will refund any monies you have paid to us minus the £30.00 non-refundable deposit and website fee/PayPal fee.

Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the service

Will not be refunded.


There is a 15-minute grace period

If you are later than this for your appointment, you forfeit your appointment and will not be refunded.

I have allergies, how do I let you know about this?

After your purchase, a client form will be sent to you to let us know this information - alternatively it can be found here: 

Client Form

Is this service for women only?

No, our services are open to everybody, with appropriate private changing areas.

Can I change into my costume after I get my makeup done?

Yes, there is a partitioned changing area.

What are the refreshments?

A fresh continental breakfast hot and cold options is provided by the Hilton Hotel, every client will be accounted for.

(vegetarian/vegan options also)

Do I have to stay at the Hilton Hotel in order to use your services?

No, we are only based inside the hotel.

Clients are welcome to use our packages without booking a hotel reservation.

Where are your services located?

The Royal Crescent Suite & The Christie Suite

Hilton Hotel Kensington

179-199 Holland Park Avenue,


W11 4UL

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