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Inquiry Instructions

Dear customers,


When requesting a quote, kindly consider the following:


1. Specify your section within the Mas Band, do not just state the Mas Band name.


2. Indicate your costume option (e.g., bodywear only, backline, or frontline) to assist in determining the best colour option for you.


3. If you wish to match an accessory, such as a MRCH bag, please make that distinction, otherwise it will be assumed that you want to match the costume information you have provided.


4. Be as detailed as possible to effectively manage both our expectations and yours.

5. Please be patient and have trust in our work. You will not be contacted with continuous updates, so please state all your wants at the inquiry stage, as no changes can be made mid-process.


Thank you for your cooperation!


What is your turnaround time?
Our shoe services require a turnaround time of up to 6 weeks, regardless of the option you choose. If you require a last-minute service, our brand may not be the best fit for you.

How much are your shoe services?
We offer shoe services starting from £80.00.

What is the order process? 
Please complete an order form here to receive a quote and a payment link. Please note that we can only accept 25 orders per Carnival. If you do not pay within the specified timeframe and all spots are filled during that period, your quote will be invalidated.

Can I send you my shoes to work on?
Sure, please select the option on the form and attach a photo of your shoes to our email address: to be quoted accordingly.

Kindly note that we only airbrush white PU leather material.

Can I purchase Baddie Boots from you to work on myself?
We do not offer our products for sale without the corresponding service included.


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